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Preserving the past by planning and building for the future.

Archaeologists excavating 1x1 m units on a Stage 3 Archaeological Excavation.


Matrix Heritage provides a range of heritage and archaeological consulting services. From Stage 1 background reviews to Stage 4 Mitigations, we find innovative solutions that benefit the client while upholding the highest standard in cultural resource management practices.


Our highly-qualified staff of professionals are well versed in provincial and federal policy which enables us to provide targeted services to both the public and private sectors.


No project is too big or too small to receive excellent customer service. Every client receives the same comprehensive and personal approach. We are here to help you navigate the assessment process from initial development advice through to assessments and mitigation. On land or underwater, single-family cottage or multi-phase development, burial site investigation, or policy development, Matrix Heritage will help devise unique solutions to complex cultural resource issues.


Example of GIS modelling used for archaeological planning,

Archaeological Planning

Professional planners, municipalities, and other public land managers benefit from streamlined methods for determining heritage or archaeological assessment requirements. Matrix Heritage can develop detailed Archaeological Master Plans and potential models that provide a clear and concise visual resource for planners and land managers.

Two archaeologists excavating 1 unit in the woods.

Stage 1 to 4 Archaeological Assessments

Land development applications (plans of subdivision, site plans, zoning amendments) often trigger the archaeological assessment process. From initial Stage 1 background assessments to Stage 4 mitigation of development impact excavations or preservation, Matrix Heritage will work with you to ensure your development proceeds in a cost effective and timely manner.

Historic image of Barrack Hill, now Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Cultural Heritage Assessment

Detailed archival and historical research allows Matrix Heritage to accurately assess the heritage value of structures, properties, landscapes, and communities.  

Divers preparing on shore for an underwater assessment.

Marine Archaeology

Matrix Heritage provides underwater archaeological surveys, heritage recording, and testing to ensure the protection and preservation of submerged cultural resources. Using a combination of highly experienced divers and technology including ROV and side-scan sonar, Matrix ensures your in or on-water developments, such as docks, bridges, or shoreline modifications, proceed smoothly. 

Drone aerial imagery of a barn and river.

Heritage Recording Via Drone Aerial Imagery

Matrix Hertiage's drone technology and certified pilots allow us to complete cost effective aerial surveys of large sites or properties, and inspections in dangerous or difficult to access locations. Imagery, video, and 3D modelling of existing conditions for heritage sites or new developments greatly aid in  interpretation and management of  resources. 

Archaeological monitoring of mechanical excavations on Parliament Hill.

Federal Jurisdiction Archaeological Investigations

Matrix Heritage is perfectly suited to undertake archaeological investigations on federal lands. With 13 years of experience leading archaeological projects for Parks Canada, Ben Mortimer has an in-depth knowledge of the federal process surrounding archaeology. 

Heritage recording of a historic bake oven.

Heritage Recording

Matrix Heritage uses photogrammetry and other technological approaches to complete detailed scaled recording and 3D models of heritage features or buildings. This creates a record of the condition, nature, and context prior to heritage asset conservation, renovation, or excavation. 

Image of roads and highways intersecting at overpass.

Archaeological Risk Management Plans

Large scale infrastructure projects often pass through multiple jurisdictions (federal, provincial, or municipal) with variable archaeological and heritage requirements. Matrix Heritage provides a clear and concise syntheses of past assessments and recommendations. Matrix develops project specific standard operating procedures and protocols for construction crews to safeguard heritage resources and ensure compliance with regulations. 

Image of a gravestone laying on the ground,

Forensic and Burial Site Investigations

Burial Site Investigations are triggered when non-forensic human remains are found. Matrix Heritage has completed detailed and complex investigations liaising with multiple stakeholders to ensure all parties are satisfied and the deceased are afforded the utmost respect.

Ben Mortimer

Principal and Senior Archaeologist  

Ben has been pursuing his love of Ontario archaeology for over three decades. He was introduced to archaeology with his first site visit in 1982 and started getting his hands dirty volunteering on excavations with Parks Canada in 1990. Ben's experiences include a diverse breadth of sites across Ontario where he has lead hundreds of projects.   

Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals, who have come together to provide a full suite of services. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion for heritage ties us all together. Check out the people who make Matrix Heritage the amazing company it truly is.

Nadine Kopp

Partner and Senior Archaeologist 

Nadine attended her first excavation in 1999, confirming her desire to become an archaeologist. Since that first summer she has accumulated extensive experience on sites in Bermuda and across Ontario. As a trained Underwater Archaeologist, she has worked on shipwreck sites and submerged cultural resources in the waters of Ontario and as far afield as the Yukon, North Carolina, and Hawaii.

Duncan Williams

Staff Archaeologist

Duncan has been actively involved in archaeology since his first field experience in 2007. He has gained a variety of experience on sites of different time periods and cultural affiliations throughout Ontario, as well as in Newfoundland where he recently completed graduate research. Since 2014, he has worked in the consulting archaeology industry in Ontario on diverse projects ranging from small desk-based assessments to large complex field mitigations.

Andrea Jackson

Staff Archaeologist

Andrea has had a fascination for history and archaeology from an early age. Following her undergraduate degree, her first job in archaeology was in 2004 on an incredibly large site in Ontario which solidly hooked her into life as an archaeologist. Her post-graduate education took her to Scotland in 2006 where she worked in archaeology following her studies. For more than a decade she has worked on a wide variety of sites across Ontario.




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